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Beyond Covid-19
Are you working to redesign your organization or your community?
Do you have the drive, creativity, and skills you need to make this happen?

As we navigate the pandemic, a new wave of social change is emerging. Recognizing their increasing irrelevance, people are finding renewed purpose outside conventional organizations, are connecting with like-minded others across the traditional divides of private and civic organizations, and are humbly, purposefully, and courageously co-creating new, life-affirming, prosperous, and sustainable  solutions, laying new paths through our contemporary challenges.

This is the work of regenerative leaders and their organizations. – John Hardman

Implications for Hybrid Teleworking Programs for

Regeneration and Sustainable Development

Tanisha Beecher Bell proposes an educational program designed to bring hybrid teleworking to the mainstream as a means of achieving regeneration and sustainable development, two concepts that shift focus away from the consequences of our actions. Instead, they help us develop higher levels of awareness that impact our behavior socially, economically, and environmentally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a global health and financial crisis that has forced a trend towards working from home. This program is designed to serve as a valuable starting point for organizations and individuals who are considering their options for teleworking in ways that may help attain the triple-top-line as proposed by regenerative leadership: How to grow prosperity, celebrate community, and enhance the health of all species for all time. 


Available in print and e-book format at Amazon here.



The Regenerative Leadership Process

Education, training,   and coaching for sustainability change agents in business and civic enterprises, schools and universities.




The following tools frame and drive our work:

  • The Regenerative Leadership Framework for individuals

  • The Regenerative Capacity Index
    for organizations

  • VISIS Accelerator for Sustainability


Our clients and partners are active in a diverse range of fields: - education

- business 

- community

- government.



While behaviors do make change happen, they are only as effective as our capacity to view the world as it is, and this capacity is directly related to our inner operating system or human consciousness. Regenerative individuals and organizations, institutions, and communities understand and operate from this principle.

Our work is therefore designed to empower individuals, teams and organizations to turn their focus inward to redefine who they are, why they are where they are, and what they really want to accomplish. Once this ‘inner work’ has been completed, it becomes possible to redesign what they do, shift behaviors, and change their impact on the natural, social, and economic environment to achieve greater wellbeing for themselves and others.

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Regenerative Organizations LLC


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