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The Toolkit

The Regenerative Leadership Framework (RLF)©

The proprietary, research-based model of effective leadership

for sustainability, providing: 

 - A clear understanding of the mindset, attributes, skills and behaviors of effective regenerative leaders

– A focus for re-purposing the organization for the creation of a great and lasting legacy.


Read more below in Leading for Regeneration: Going beyond sustainability in business, community, and education. 

The Regenerative Capacity Index (RCI)©

The RCI is a self- and organization-wide assessment of individual and collective capacity, and of the organization’s level of system leadership. The survey is then translated into customized actions such as the following:

– Creation of individual Regenerative Leadership Action Plans

– Organization-specific regenerative strategy design and implementation,

– System leadership: Cross-boundary collaboration, coalition building, global networking, cultural responsiveness

– Institutionalizing Change, Reporting, and Policy Development

See sample of the RCI survey by clicking here

AtKisson Accelerator and VISIS Method
Tools for Advancing Sustainability and CSR

© AtKisson, Inc. All rights reserved

Accelerator Version 2.9  


As licensees of the AtKisson Group's Accelerator, we offer comprehensive sustainability assessment , training, and planning for all types of organizations.

 The Accelerator provides integrated strategy, planning, and assessment support to any organizational sustainability program or initiative. The tools are collected into four packages — Compass, Pyramid, Amoeba, and StrateSphere — according to their principal uses. They can be used internally by a skilled professional, or their application can be supported with the aid of an external consultant.

For more information, contact John Hardman, or visit

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