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Online and in-house education, training, and coaching for sustainability change agents, entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs in business and civic enterprises, schools and universities. The approach is adapted for private or in-house coaching, customized workshops, or as a comprehensive organization-wide strategy. 


Break away from increasingly outdated, linear models of operation and learn to align yourself and your organization to regenerative service and product design for greater long-term productivity, environmental stewardship, profitability, and community impact.

This evidence-based, field-tested process is designed to examine and develop the qualities, skills, and organizational strategies of change agents, sustainability champions, entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs who are seeking to create regenerative and/or sustainable solutions to issues and challenges they have identified in their respective fields.

We are also licensed to conduct integrated strategy, planning, and assessment support to any organizational sustainability program or initiative using the AtKisson Accelerator and VISIS Method (see The Toolkit for more information). The tools are collected into four packages — Compass, Pyramid, Amoeba, and StrateSphere — according to their principal uses. They can be used internally by a skilled professional, or their application can be supported with the aid of an external consultant.

For more information, contact John Hardman at or book the service you wish below. Hover over the headings below to get more information about each service.

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