COMING IN NOVEMBER: New online module of the Social Innovation Diploma at the Executive Education Centre of the U.N. University for Peace.  Open enrollment. Can be taken alone or as part of the Diploma. Instructor: John Hardman

Are you seeking to make a real difference for sustainable change in your organization or community? Do you have all the tools you need to make this happen?
Coinciding with the adoption by the United Nations of its Sustainable Development Goals (2015 – 2030), this course is intended to explore the qualities, skills, and organizational strategies of change agents, sustainability champions, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who are seeking to create regenerative and/or sustainable solutions to issues and challenges they have identified in their respective fields. Read more…
For more information, please contact John Hardman at jhardman@regenerativeorganizations.com


A new society is emerging. Recognizing their increasing irrelevance, people are finding renewed purpose outside our current systems and institutions, are connecting with like-minded others across the traditional divides of private and civic organizations, and are humbly, hopefully, and courageously co-creating new, life-affirming, prosperous, and sustainable  solutions, laying new paths through our contemporary challenges.

This is the work of regenerative leaders and their organizations. – John Hardman

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